It started with a tweet, as invariably many of these things often do. Perhaps, if you go back even further it could be traced to reading the excellent Spanish Language book Modelo Heinze. Alternatively, at it’s inception this was all spurred by the announcement Atlanta United had secured the services of Gabriel Heinze as their manager for the 2021 MLS season.

Nonetheless, as with any footballing “rule of thumb” there was a need to expand the concepts originally proposed. Delving further around Gabriel Heinze’s Positional References for how his teams play out from the back.

While it would be…

In what has already been a bumper summer of recruitment so far for Leeds United as they prepare for their Premier League return. There was one transfer in particular that stood out a little more than the others for me: that of the now former SC Freiburg Central Defender Robin Koch.

For one reason or another, the German internationals signing takes the tally to three new central Defenders in the three seasons since Marcelo Bielsa’s arrival at Elland Road.

That in mind, and with the routinely discussed, specific Defensive organization Bielsa’s sides are renowned for as the inspiration. …

With the bulk of a truly crazy, unforgettable football season come to an end, I found myself, much like I imagine many others would have, reflecting on some of the experiences and main learning’s I had taken from the 2019–20 campaign.

This in truth, was potentially why I was almost instantly compelled to write a piece around one of the many excellent The Coaches Voice Masterclass lessons over the past year and beyond.

The particular video in question, is a lesson from the current England second in command, and former Chelsea Assistant manager Steve Holland. In it, England’s Assistant Manager…

In the interests of full disclosure, although it’s already fast approaching 18 months now, I’ll unashamedly admit there’s still many time’s that I can’t quite believe I’ve had (& continue to do so) the good fortune to be able to follow Marcelo Bielsa in close quarters on a journey through the Sky Bet Championship.

Having not missed a game throughout, it is the well into double figures of fixtures and counting, I’ve been able to attend in the flesh, that to my mind I consider the most impacting in this time.

So, and even after a defeat that feels a…

“Since QPR he’s had two very important performances, against West Brom and this one — when he plays well the level of the team increases greatly.”

Leeds United Manager Marcelo Bielsa on Kalvin Phillips, Pre-Reading FC (Away)

In the wake of such succinct, yet equally emphatic praise from Marcelo Bielsa. …

I remember it vividly. Up stepped the giant Danish International Jannik Vestergaard: Wednesday night under the lights, Third Round FA Cup replay Penalty Shootout between Southampton FC and Derby County.

However, more than the penalty itself (which, for what it’s worth he scored) being the salient moment. It was in actual fact the background commentary of BBC pundit Danny Murphy, maligning how a mere “Centre-Half” could have the temerity to step up so early in the proceedings, that resonated deeply.

Truth be told, whilst Murphy’s somewhat bizarre rant is potentially only an example of one man’s (Conservatism) bias. It does…

In a Ted Talk given in back in Maastricht, NL. 2014. Called: Why the majority is always wrong — In relation to high performance in sport. Author and high-performance expert Paul Rulkens recalled a story regarding Doctor Albert Einstein during his time teaching at Oxford University circa the 1940's.

Einstein had just given a test to his senior class, to which his assistant asked him:

Professor Einstein, the exam you just gave to the senior class of physics students. Isn’t this exactly the same exam you gave to the exact same class one year ago?

It is indeed” the Professor…

Daniel Fraiz-Martinez

“I’ve finally accepted myself for who I am: a beggar for good football. I go about the world, hand’s outstretched… & when it happens, I give thanks for it!”

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