The “Shape” of Football to come? — How Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester City & Co. are helping challenge the paradigm behind formations

Liverpool, City, Leeds: Same, Same — But Different!

Who Occupies Width — How Do You Generate Depth?

- Depth.

- Width.

As well as finding the at times overlooked:

- “Half spaces”.

A snapshot from Leeds United’s notional attacking shape in their game vs QPR at Loftus Road back in January: Harrison & Costa providing width on this occasion. With Mateusz Klich & Pablo Hernández controlling the Intervals. Bamford pinning the opposition centre-backs to give his team depth.
An outstanding compilation from Jed Davies (@TPiMBW) of Leeds United 2019–20 and how differently the players can attack within what is still a recognizable structure. Plus, the significance of their relationships upon these and to how they can rotate.

To 2021 and Beyond!



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